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We are a global social media advertising agency focused on performance based targeted advertising for B2C e-commerce & digital businesses.

$ 1M+ spend managed

19.31x max ROAS achieved

100K+ leads collected

Performance-based advertising is a strategy, designed to realize specific and measurable financial results within a brief amount of time.

We evaluate digital success through real indicators you actually care about, like profit and ROAS. The main aim of such a strategy is to make every dollar spent on advertising work and maximize return on investment.
Consider us as an extension to your team as you work with our specialists to achieve the best results. We can manage your campaigns, so you can focus on running your business.

Our experts are up to date with the latest marketing data and skills. With years of experience, we know the struggles businesses face with agencies and outsourced work, so we built SM Target agency to separate ourselves from the rest and vow to give you the dedicated attention and commitment you deserve.

We vow to…

  • Become the solution not the problem
  • Not withhold data and other Important Information
  • Be honest about projects & deliverables
  • Always be educated and educate
  • Treat your business like our own
  • Be a partner, not an outsource
Social media advertising agency
If you have a project in mind and would like help from a reliable social media advertising agency, don't hesitate to contact us today! We would love to hear from you, and we are always ready to enhance your campaign!

What we do

  • - communication strategy
  • - ads management
  • - campaign reporting
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Instagram advertising
  • - advert creation
  • - campaign launch
  • - data analysis
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  • - promoted tweets
  • - promoted profiles
  • - promoted trends
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Tik Tok
  • - audience definition
  • - communication
  • - campaign management
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  • - in-stream ads
  • - discovery ads
  • - non-video ads
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Landing page
on Tilda publishing
  • - web design
  • - development
  • - support
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Some of our case studies

How we do it

You book an ad account audit
Fill out a booking form: enter your name, e-mail and specify the ad platform for audit.
We send you an e-mail
We'll send you an e-mail with a brief google form and all details.
You provide us Analyst-level access
You provide us with Analyst-level access to your Ads Manager account.
We make an audit and present it to you
We'll provide you with a written report and live presentation of audit results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to have an audit done?
Nothing. It's Free!
Is there a catch?
Nope. Of course we would love to work with you! SM Target is an agency, and we're looking for new partners to manage ads for. But if you don't wish to move forward, there's no pressure.
Can you fix/manage my ads for me?
Yes! We are an agency and offer such services. As far as cost goes, every business has unique needs, so it's best to go through the audit first, then we can discuss what it would cost to manage/improve your campaigns.
How long does it takes to audit my ad account?
It usually takes not more then 2 working days.
How can I give you access to my ad account?
To perform an audit we need Analyst level access to your ad account. To provide us with access all you need to do is log in to your Ad account and find your Ad account ID number. Once you've provided us with that number, we'll request access and you (or whoever owns the Ad account) should get an email notification with this request to approve so you can grant us access. You can remove our access from within your Ads dashboard at any time.

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