12 Main Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads are not Spending Any Money

In this article, we're gonna be talking about things that you can do if your Facebook ads not spending. To know what to do, you have to understand the causes.

In common, the ad spend issues could be separated into three various main categories:

  • Violations of Facebook policy

  • Target audience problems

  • Low-quality ads

Let's take a closer look at each one of them and how we can fix them.

There's a ton of different stuff that can provoke these issues, and I have a list of the main reasons here for you:
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1. Number one reason is you missed a payment. Meaning your ads are on pause because you missed a payment or you've reached the maximum available limit on your card. Additionally, most novice advertisers don't know. New ad accounts often have an automatic limit on spend of $50 a day. The way you check this - is to switch your columns to the delivery section and look at the delivery column. In this case, you just need to complete the payment in the billing section first before you can resume your Facebook ad campaign.

2. Your ad got disapproved. The same thing, just check it on the delivery column. It'll be red, and it'll say - not approved. Facebook not only monitors your ad creative quality. Facebook's robot also knows what happens after users click on your ad. And it is very important for determining your overall ad's quality. Facebook works hard to guarantee that interaction with your content gives users the best possible experience. So, you have to be sure that your Landing page is high-quality as well. And don't forget about core web vitals such as page speed, loading time, and mobile usability.
Facebook ads not spending
3. Your ad got flagged for a potentially negative experience. This happens with some Facebook ads for eCommerce often. Maybe you have too much cap lettering or something inappropriate like clickbait, withholding information, sensational language, etc. The way that you can check it - is you click Edit on the ad level, and it will show you a big yellow warning on top.

4. Your page is under customer satisfaction penalty. This happens when you get over 500 sales. Facebook starts reviewing your customers and giving them surveys. Asking how's the shipping time, how's the product quality, how's the customer service, etc. And if you have too many negative reviews, Facebook gives you a low customer satisfaction score. If your score is below 2.0, then they stop showing your ads to as many people - which could directly relate to your ads not spending. If it does happen it'll pop up on your screen right when you load up the ads, and it'll tell you that your customer satisfaction score is low.
Facebook ad delivery penalty
5. Your GEO or demographic targeting is not set to what you want it to be. Whether it's empty or too narrow. Target audiences that are too small will usually lead to higher ad display frequency, higher costs, and, sometimes, to pause in ad delivery. So that's definitely one thing that you want to check and make sure that your targeting is correct.

6. The next thing that I would check is manual bidding. Sometimes, advertisers in an effort to increase profit margins and decrease costs, lower their bids too much. Remember, if your ad quality is too low, you'll need to raise the bids to guarantee success in the ad auction. Bid a little higher than you're actually willing to pay. If you accidentally set up a low bid cap, or you inadvertently set up the wrong conversion window. It can affect the way that your ads are spending.
Facebook ad auction
7. You unwittingly set the small Facebook ads budget. This is very obvious. You just need to check the budget and make sure that it is what you want it to be.

8. This one is a little bit less obvious and tends to slip through the cracks. Your campaign is on, your ad set is on, but your ad is NOT on. So there are three different levels you have: the campaign level, the ad set level, and the ad level. You want to make sure that each level is turned on. Sometimes, due to Facebook bugs and glitches, conversion ads just turn off for no reason. So you should check it from time to time.

9. Your Facebook page is unpublished. There is another glitch going from time to time where Facebook would randomly unpublish people's pages. And this would result in Facebook not being able to show your ads to people because your page is not public. The best way to check this is to go to your page settings and make sure that your page is published.
Facebook ad campaign
10 Your time frame is on the wrong dates. If your date range is on the last seven days, or maybe it's on a date range from a couple of weeks ago. Facebook is not going to show that your newer ads are spending. Make sure that you put a lifetime in the timeframe. That way you can see the ads spending today, yesterday, the day before, and in the ads lifetime.

11. You have a filter set on. If you're filtering by active, or you're filtering by certain campaigns, your ad set might not even show. So that could be one of the reasons.

12. The last one is about your retargeting ad sets. It's possible that your custom audience wasn't made correctly, or it didn't populate rightly. The way you check that - is you go to the audience tab, and there should be a little green dot that says ready. If let's say, you had ten thousand link clicks, and it's a page view audience. And it says fewer than a thousand people - there is a chance that the audience did not populate correctly.


There's a ton of different reasons why your Facebook ads are not spending money. If this happens with your ad campaign you need to understand the basic reasons why it occurs. Some of them are pretty simple and easy to fix.

Worst comes to worst you can just reach out to Facebook support, and most of the time they'll tell you why your ads are not spending.

If you make it through this whole article without finding the solution to your problem, then please consider booking our Free Facebook ad account audit. We can help you to find an issue and work on it together.
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