2 Great Facebook Ads Strategies for Online Clothing Stores

In this article, I'm gonna share with you our Facebook and Instagram ads strategies for online clothing stores. Without holding anything back, I'll just explain to you what we're doing when it comes to running Facebook ads for clothing stores for our agency's clients. I'll also share with you some of the results that we're able to get.

Two completely different ad strategies are working equally well. The only catch here is that you probably won't be able to use these strategies if you don't have any customers yet. Or if you have very few customers. Because the strategies that I'm going to share with you is how to leverage the data of already having customers. So that you can target people with laser focus and get much better results than just targeting cold traffic.

The power of retargeting
The lookalike audiences

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Date: July 22, 2021
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The power of Retargeting

The first strategy that I believe everybody should be using right now to market their clothing brands is using retargeting ads. The main idea behind the retargeting ads is that these people that you're targeting are already warm leads. They've already heard about your clothing brand, and the ice has already broken.
When you're targeting cold traffic, you're having to break the ice.
It's people finding out about you for the first time, and it's whole different psychology there. So with these retargeting ads, the main component that I want to talk about here is exactly which audiences to use.

The audiences that you have to target with a retargeting ad are people who have already been to your website. Inside the audiences section, you can set up an audience of people who have already visited your website in the past 180 days.
Facebook custom audience
You also have to target everybody who's engaged with your Instagram account in the past 365 days. And people who have already visited and interacted with your Facebook page in the past 365 days. So these audiences give you a pretty good pool of people who have already heard about your clothing store. You can narrow it down with GEO and age.

Then you have to create two different ad sets with image ads based on these audiences: one targeting males and one targeting females. The reason why it's better to do is that we're mostly using carousel ads and dynamic product ads.

That ad creative going to males to be all the male products. And the ad that's going to females being all the female products. And the carousel ads are the ones that have the swipe-through option. We found that this works very well.
Facebook carousel ad
It's very important to engage with your audience on Instagram and drop comments from time to time. People will check you out, and not only will they check you out and potentially buy from you, but then you can mark them, and you'll be able to retarget these people in the future with Facebook ads. So you have a great chance at converting a lot of these people into customers.

Just to give you a quick look at some of the results we've been able to get running these retargeting ads recently for one clothing brand. We recently ran an ad where we spent seven thousand dollars, and it brought back more than thirty-six thousand worth of revenue. Which is a ROAS of 5.24, and this is on the low end for most of the retargeting ads that we've run in the past. They usually do very well compared to the cold traffic ads.

All right, so that's one of the strategies that we're constantly running for our clients, and it gets awesome results. This is also why we're always advised to run giveaway contests on Instagram and the Facebook page. Where your current audience tags their friends to participate. Because, tagging their friends that's the social proof that you need to get them bought into your brand, to get them interested. And then also now that they've engaged with your posts on your social media, you can retarget these people.

The Lookalike audiences

Now, let's get into the second Facebook ad strategy that I recommend for online clothing stores. In this second Facebook ad strategy instead of targeting people who have already heard about your brand, we're going to be targeting people who have never heard about your brand before. The psychology here is going to be much different.
Facebook has an amazing tool, and it's called lookalike audiences. I think that these lookalike audiences are literally like a cheat code when it comes to targeting cold traffic with laser focus and getting insane results.
This Facebook ad strategy that I have to share will only get great results if you already have people who have purchased through your website before. We're going to be taking the data from the people who have already bought from you. That is clear evidence that these people are already interested in your clothing.

We're going to be creating a lookalike audience of people exactly like these people who have already pulled out money to buy from you, and that's why this is so unbelievably powerful. Facebook technology nowadays is ridiculous when it comes to targeting.
Facebook lookalike audience
So, what you need to do inside of Facebook audience manager. When you're creating the audiences of who you want to be targeting with your ad, there are two options. One is custom audiences, and this is where you're gonna find everything that you need to create your retargeting audiences of everybody who's visited your website, your Instagram account, etc. But there's another option called lookalike audiences. What you want to do inside of these lookalike audiences is upload your customer list.

And you also can create another lookalike audience of people who have already initiated checkout on your website. Then, after you create these lookalike audiences you can adjust the demographics even further.

Same things you have to do with these lookalike audiences that you did with the retargeting ads. Which is creating two separate ad sets targeting one at males one at females.

You can use different ad formats - carousel ads, photo ads, or video ads. And in the ad copy make sure that you're writing for people who have never heard about your clothing brand before. Make it very clear what your brand is all about. Get people interested!
Facebook ads for clothing
Try to acquire as much data as possible and start to scale up your ads. Get more sales, and then as you get more sales your data becomes better, and you can grow more and more.

I hope that these two Facebook clothing ads strategies help you to grow your clothing brand. We are always happy to share our Facebook ads strategies for eCommerce and what's working for us lately with Facebook and Instagram ads. I hope that it will work for you and get you amazing results for your online clothing store!
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